At Blue Line USA we take pride in our growing reputation for building outstanding quality drywall tools. In 2002 Blue Line USA launched a complete Automatic Taping and Finishing tool range built on Engineering Excellence. This phrase has been the backbone and driving force behind our R and D team. At Blue Line USA our goal is to deliver high performance tools and support them with pride by offering a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Blue Line USA is truly a customer focused company. By continually developing our distribution network, introducing customer care and our sales support programs, Blue Line USA is dedicated to delivering complete customer satisfaction. Now with the launch of Team Blue Line USA we offer a program for both distributors and contractors to receive the latest information from our R and D and Sales teams and great promotional items to help them stay in front of the pack on the ever changing drywall tool market.

The success and growth of Blue Line USA comes from our driven dedication to the drywall industry and commitment to design, manufacture and deliver high quality tools for professional drywallers. Blue Line USA is The Future of Taping Tools Today!