New Web Site

With almost half of web site traffic now coming from mobile devices or tablets, it was time to update the Blue Line USA web site. We now have a completely new platform that is mobile friendly; in fact it looks great on a mobile and is very easy to navigate. All the information you need is now at your fingertips!

All the product images are now much larger allowing you a better look at our range, and support material (exploded diagrams and user guides) is available from each product page and also from the "Downloads" page.

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Blue 2 Flat Boxes

Blue Line is proud to announce the release of a new model Flat Box - the Blue 2. Although we had made several changes to the old design, it was essentially the same as the Premier box from 20 years ago - time for an update!

The Blue 2 boxes feature a smaller side profile, while retaining the same capacity. We have changed the blade retainer design and all boxes now have two actuator pins. The spacing of the ratchet teeth is now tighter and along with a lighter spring, provides a finer adjustment for compound coverage.

New Pump Primed for Action!

Tired of having to prime your pump before you can start?

Wouldn’t it be great to drop it in the bucket and go to work? The new improved “Primed for Action” loading pump from Blue Line USA gets it done! Always looking for innovative ideas, Blue Line USA has made the best pump on the market even better. The new P053 piston spring is a small spring that when placed on the pump piston above the P005 piston valve provides an improved seal from the wiper.

Not only does this make it primed to pump, but will assure a full and smooth fill with each stroke. It’s the new standard for the Blue Line USA “Primed for Action” Loading Pump. If you already own a Blue Line USA style pump it’s an easy installation and will make your old pump better than new!

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